Welcome to Saint Matthias' Church...

an inclusive faith community. We are so pleased that you have decided to visit our website, and we pray that you will find a spiritual home with us.
Visitors, newcomers, seekers, friends, and children of all ages are invited to enter our house of prayer, worship and celebration. You will find a deeply-committed group of Christians trusting the Presence of God, the transformative grace of Christ, and the power of the Spirit.

The icon of St. Matthias (right) was painted by parishioner Sharon Bartell 

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Lenten Worship 

11:00 am Holy Eucharist & Healing in the Chapel
12:00 noon Lenten prayer service and luncheon at Baker
United Methodist.

7:00 pm  Stations of the Cross

Sunday Services               

8:00 am10:00 am  
Scripture, prayers, hymns, sermon,

and communion at both services.
Organ and Choir at 10:00.

9:00 am  Church School


                                                                                Church School Bulletin Board, January 2016

374 Main Street, East Aurora, NY 14052 
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Phone: 716-652-0377
Fax:  716-655-2590                                              
Office E-mail: smceaoffice@verizon.net


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